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Handling Insert Query in MySql using PHP?

<form action=”planet.php” method=”get” style=”padding-left:20px;”>
ZipCode<input type=”text” name=”zip” maxlength=”10″ />
ZipArea<input type=”text” name=”area” maxlength=”20″ />
<input type=”submit” name=”submit” value=”Insert Zip” />
$zcode = $_GET[‘zip’];
$ziparea = $_GET[‘area’];
$submit = $_GET[‘submit’];

if(mysql_num_rows(mysql_query(“SELECT zipcode, area FROM service WHERE zipcode = ‘$zcode'”))){
echo “Record already exists.<br/>”;    
$sql = “INSERT INTO service(zipcode, area) VALUES (‘$zcode’, ‘$ziparea’)”;
$query = mysql_query($sql);


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